Rice Plates
Rice with lamb$9.14
Rice with Sauce$5.93
Rice with Goat$9.14
Rice with Tilapia$10.30
Rice Shish Kabab $9.14
Rice Tilapia Fillet$9.14
Rice with Beef Stew $9.14
Chicken Gyro plate$9.14
Gyro Plate$9.14
Injera Plates
Injera with Goat$9.14
Injera with chicken $9.14
Doro Wot$9.14
Injera Tibs$9.14
Injera Lamb $9.14
Injera with Gyro $9.14
Injera  Keywot $9.14
Injera with Beef Stew $9.14
Meat only Plates
Goat meat with salad $5.44
Lamb meat with salad $5.44
Tilapia with salad$7.44
Chicken with salad$3.99
Gyro with salad $3.99
Pasta Plates 
Spaghetti with Goat$9.14
Spaghetti with Lamb$9.14
Spaghetti with Beef Stew $9.14
Spaghetti with chicken $9.14
Spaghetti with Sauce$5.93
Spaghetti with Gyro $9.14
Vegetarian Plates
Veggie Plate $8.41
Falafel Sandwich$4.38
Breakfast Specials
Beef Stew With Foul Mudames$5.99
Scrambled Eggs$5.99
Special Breakfast$5.99
Toasted Pita Plates
Bread with Goat$9.14
Bread with Beef Stew $9.14
Bread with Tibs$9.14
Bread with Lamb$9.14
Wraps and Sandwiches
Gyro sandwich$4.67
Chicken Sandwich$4.67
Veggie Wrap$4.67
Side Items
Toasted Pita Bread$0.93
Kids Meal$5.93
Bottled Mango$2.50
Hot Tea$0.93
Bottle Soda$1.50
Coffee/Tea Latté$2.00